BEER HAIKU #20 – An Old English Bitter Marmalade by Garage Project

The first of Garage Project’s 24 more was released on Tuesday night at Hashigo zake – cult beer bar. The brewers describe it as “.. .Old English Bitter Marmalade, a proper English session Bitter with a marmalade twist coming in at a modest 3.8% abv, dry hopped and conditioned in the Firkin and served straight from the cask…”And yes, the cask was there sitting on top of the bar Tuesday night! The marmalade had some of us imagining a beer breakfast in the afternoon, and we could have scoffed it down all night. Greasylightbulb was in session beer heaven.

I haven’t heard if the Garage Project’s new releases will come out every Tuesday for the rest of the year, but we are hoping to haiku all 24 of them here eventually…at poetry club.

Moore Wilson’s*, Old English Bitter Marmalade

 by Garage Project (New Zealand) 3.8% abv

C!trus peel sliver

Burnt barley sessionable

Twenty four resumes

*LINK: It was brewed in a supermarket carpark 

click image to go to marmalade recipe

hai·ku (hk)

n. pl. haiku also hai·kus

1. A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

2. A poem written in this form.

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One thought on “BEER HAIKU #20 – An Old English Bitter Marmalade by Garage Project

  1. great beer which I was a bit mean about on the Man Points front, I gave a 6.5 with the rest of the Thirsty Boys giving a 7.5.

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