emersons wake

 Let us leave theories there and return to here’s hear.

– James Joyce, Finnegans Wake

When the Thirsty Boys foregathered for their customary investigation of Hashigo Zake’s Tuesday new releases, it was in the shadow of the sale of Emerson’s Brewery to Evil Multinational Conglomerate™ Lion Nathan. This subject had already been source of much consternation on Twitterbook, Faceyspace, and other manifestations of the intardwebz.

But, was a wake in order?

The resourceful Thirsties agreed to test the proposition using the scientific method, i.e. a pro and con table. This is what we came up with:

Injection of capital into the Emerson’s operation Now DB might buy their own craft brand
Possibly some richly deserved bank for Richard Emerson himself Emerson’s production standards will go the way of Mac’s and Monteith’s
Better access to tied outlets Production volume rises at the expense of quality
Potentially more ‘craft’ beer in venues that otherwise sell only mainstream lagers Loss of customer loyalty owing to association with Evil Multinational Conglomerate™
Mainstreaming of quality product, assuming it stays that way.
More and better marketing.

On balance, we conclude that there may be less to fear than seemed the case at first blush. Perhaps the sky isn’t falling after all?

Note: The title of this post and the quotation are derived from Joyce’s mid-20th century masterpiece Finnegans Wake. The novel is the real time account of a dream experienced in a single night by Dublin publican Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker (HCE), apparently in the year 1132.

TEXT: The Jesuit

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Is this destined to be one of the last photographs ever taken of a Emersons beer poured at Hashigo Zake Cult beer bar? 6 November 2012


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