BEERVANA 2013 – Session #1 : the T-shirts of Beervana (mega edition)

It’s Beervana time again, and this festival has so much going on that we will post three or four review type blogs over the coming week. Like last year, we thought we’d give you an insight into the culture of beer geeks at Beervana through their T-shirts.


This year in the first session of day one, there were a few familiar and old T-shirt designs out there, but many more new or re-imagined ones, worn by many people. I guess this says something about the vitality of the craft brewing scene but also the people who attend Beervana…what they like, where they come from, where they’ve been and what they drink. Marketing beer through products like T-shirts appears to be a popular strategy. It was interesting to note the brewers/products that were most visible and those that were not as visible as you might expect. Several Australian and international breweries were represented on T-shirts in the crowd. I photographed three members of a visiting Canberra based beer club, each with a different shirt and a few Englishmen too. A highlight for me was the beer and pop culture mashups. Witty quotes and wise words of beer wisdom were in abundance.  There was even a T-shirt stall this year…a bloody big one, but I only photographed T-shirts on punters. Many thanks to all the T-shirt wearers for your cooperation. Here is a mega- selection of the T-shirts at Beervana via slide show…comment about your favourites. To follow us by e-mail notification please click follow at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

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11 thoughts on “BEERVANA 2013 – Session #1 : the T-shirts of Beervana (mega edition)

  1. I do like the Hoptimus Prime logo, makes me smile!
    Am a bit concerned by the Portobello one though, do they make Placenta Beer or something?

  2. Mr Horse says:

    Great work fellas, excellent photography. Looking forward to further posts.

    • Thirstyboys says:

      thanks Mr Horse, if you have time to pen a blog post today/tomorrow it would be great to get your impressions of Beervana. I have an image or two I could attach if need be…

  3. Nipper says:

    You missed the One Trick Pony though!

    • Thirstyboys says:

      thanks for the comment and checking out the blog Nipper, it’s all about visibility (or my contact lenses). Last year in the first session we missed Epic!

  4. […] eschewing the beer branded tee so avidly captured by Malice, Jos chose Berlin period Bowie, an icon of […]

  5. john says:

    interesting post – Beervana was pretty lame if you ask me – that concrete room has all the atmosphere of a public toilet, beer and food running out an hour into the evening, $45 to get in the door and table after table covered in rubbish – better off going to any decent pub

    • Thirstyboys says:

      thanks for checking into the blog John and for your comments about Beervana. You will note that we were very specific note that our review of t-shirts was from session one on day one – we acknowledge that the experience varied over the course of the event.We heard a few stories… While I had a good experience the pricing seemed steep and I’m shocked that some of the food and beer ran out in the evening…jeepers man, I’d be pissed before I’d even had a beer!.- regards Malice

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