10 pros and 10 cons of the canning revolution…pssssht-ah!

The arguments in favour of canned beer have been exhaustively canvassed (pun intended). However, on Tuesday, in the quiet lull before the new release beer was poured, a few of the Thirstyboys tapped into their collective thoughts and decided to brew over some pro’s and con’s of the phenomena of craft beer in cans.

The Jesuit claims the most experience in this area having enjoyed all the canned beers offered by Garage Project…he’s obviously a very Thirstyboy, and as the only beer drinker in his household, the serving size and cost are probably convenient and economical.

I’ve got to say that for the most part, at least the cans I‘ve seen look good. GreasyLightbulb thought they would look better if they were made in the shape of little metal kegs. He’s a closet marketer this guy…he also wants to know, “Can you condition in a can?” Whatever your experience, or your preference, here is a light-hearted listing of what’s good and what’s not so good about those crafty tinnies. PROS:

  1. Cans chill quicker
  2. You can take cans tramping – they don’t shatter and some seem to have a coating that prevents perforation.
  3. Cans stack easier and fit into bags and coat pockets (like pigeons)
  4. You can build good towers with cans
  5. Cans are actually a handy size – 330mls?
  6. Cans are collectible for charities
  7. Cans don’t fall off shelves and smash in earthquakes
  8. Cans are not quite as lethal in a fight as bottles “I have been bottled…GBM”
  9. Cans are light, light-proof and air proof
  10. You can’t see your own reflection in cans


  1. You can’t see how much beer is in cans – “if Parrot Dog had a canning line that their bottling line used to have, then I wouldn’t buy any of their cans…”GLB
  2. Drinking from a can as opposed to a bottle may imply (in some social circles) that what you’re drinking is a chavey beer…GBM
  3. Cans don’t create the same drinking sound as a bottle
  4. You can’t recycle cans for your home-brew (waaaaah! Jesuit)
  5. The direction of spray from a can is more likely to be self punishing
  6. You can’t see your own reflection in cans
  7. Cans don’t really pour well, so drink from the can
  8. Cans don’t reveal the foamy head on a beer or let you contemplate that Belgian lace.
  9. Mining bauxite is far from environmentally friendly, real far… recycle, reduce
  10. Finally, recycling cans is all good, but some people feel compelled to make their shoes from beer cans (painful looking ones)
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