Greasy’s Greatest Hits a/k/a No New Release Tuesday

A day after his hemmity-hemth birthday, Greasylightbulb was joined by a gaggle of his most tolerated accomplices* to memorialise his efforts at documenting the local and international craft beer scene. Click on the links (BOLDED)...


BEER AND CURRY:  self explanatory


A NIGHT OF OLD GASH- ALLAGASH BREWING OF PORTLAND MAINE: The theme of the evening was the beers of Allagash Brewing of Portland, Maine. This brewery founded in 1995 specialises in providing a distinctly American twist on traditional Belgian styles.

The Thirsty Boys June 2013

VALUE BEERS: A blind tasting with a mix of beers to challenge preconceptions, possibly find impressive cheaper beers, and to get people to think objectively about beers and how much they are worth.

bar ed 2

OUR FAVOURITE PLACES: BAR EDWARD: a review of the wellington establishment part of series of short reviews of bars, breweries and beer drinking venues from across the archipelago.

If you feel so inspired, we urge you to raise a pint of Northend ESB, the mighty Lightbulb’s favourite new beer of 2013. Per the birthday boy himself, this gloriously fresh, moreish fusion between Old World and New World ingredients will surely float your boat.

Normal service, including haiku, will resume next week. Probably. We think.

* Malice, Gingerbeardyman, Troughboy, the Lady Piemaker, The Little One and The Jesuit

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4 thoughts on “Greasy’s Greatest Hits a/k/a No New Release Tuesday

  1. Mike says:

    Sláinte and happy birthday GLB

  2. Chur Mike! It was happy indeed, consisting mainly of three days of beer, friends, sunshine and a little bit of cake. Which pretty much describes a kind of reinheitsgebot of birthday ingredients aye?

  3. I’m brewing a second , bigger batch of ESB on Tuesday.

  4. Ooh that’s good news Southstarbrew! I’ll certainly look out for it in Wellington’s finer beer holes 🙂

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