BEER HAIKU # 90 Adroit Theory Scorpion Black IPA

Adroit Theory is a tiny brewery in Virginia but their aesthetic is VERY Metal. Their labels and beer names are both METAL. They’ve collaborated with New Zealand brewer 666 – How Metal is that? This week’s new release at Hashigo Zake Cult Beer Bar (only slightly metal) is a substantial Black IPA (pretty Metal) called Scorpion (really, really Metal especially if you’re German).

Adroit Theory Scorpion Black IPA (8.1% ABV)

Smoky, tenebrous

Solstice treat tests your mettle

Sting in the tail

Food match: smokey BBQ beans, stuffed jalapeños, grilled skirt steak

It’s the kind of beer you drink when: throwing Metal horns /rimshot/.

Disclaimer: None of the Thirsty Boys are the least bit Metal! Sorry.

image by Adroit Theory


hai·ku (hk)

n. pl. haiku also hai·kus

1. A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

2. A poem written in this form.

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