A Beer Postcard from Marseilles – Fietje, Cave à bières

One of the Thirstyboys recently had the opportunity to visit Marseilles on the south coast of France. They had craft beer there…


According to our French craft beer advisors, the term Fietje is an onomatopoeia, and has been coined to mean the sound of beer can at the moment you open it.


A feature of this bar is a unsealed brick wall and the lighting. The building dates at least to the 1700s,… the recycled crates are more recent.


Weissbier was one of several styles on offer. The beer menu is presented on transparent glass or acrylic sheets set out from the feature brick wall.


The tap beers change regularly…


There is even special glassware for readers of the French language…


Dogs are allowed…especially when they match the decor.


This bar is located on a quiet back street – the kind of street you’d meet a character played by Jean Reno if you were in a movie called Ronin…and there is outdoor seating for a chilly February evening. Worth a visit for the atmosphere, the setting, and of course the bieres.

Check out Fietje, Cave à bières


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