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If Television shows were beers…

Breaking Bad, the stress inducing American crime drama series, would have to be some huge Imperial stout that lays you out among the daisies and offers you no redemption. None. Try the Liberty ‘Never Go Back’ Imperial Oat Stout 10.6%. “I can’t remember that beer, so it’s probably a good example…”GBM

Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 9.36.14 AM

Star Trek (the original series) would be a beer that is unique, more than a little crazy and possibly with the aroma of horse sweat. It has to be Orval. “What do you mean by horse sweat?” Malice


Coronation Street the long running British soap opera, would be a slightly stale best bitter like John Smiths Bitter – now owned by Heineken UK.

The Thick of It , the British comedy series set in government would be an angry Scottish beer like Orkney Brewery’s Skull splitter… yeah, that’s right.

Downton Abbey, the English period drama series, would be a beer that is light and frothy, but aspiring to a depth and complexity it hasn’t earnt like the MOA  range (caveat: “we like their Imperial stout…” Jesuit)


Danger Mouse the animated cartoon series, would be a beer that is fruity and surprisingly adult like F. Boon Kriek

Campbell Live the New Zealand current affairs show, would be a beer you don’t finish like…(finish this sentence)

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